Billy Malawi Project

The Billy Riordan Memorial Trust works to improve the overall health status of the village of Cape Maclear (Chembe Village) through the provision of a medical clinic and health centre. The Trust provides educational opportunities and support. It is the objective of the Trust to provide relief of suffering and depravation in this community.

Billy Malawi Fundraising Objectives

The Billy Malawi Project would like to raise funds to build a new lab in Cape Maclear

FundraisingTarget: $8,000


Chembe Water Project

The aim of the Chembe Water Project is to provide safe drinking water at Chembe Village , Cape Maclear on the shores of Lake Malawi. Traditionally, the people of the village have drawn their drinking water from the shore. However this has become contaminated and is no longer safe resulting in illness and high mortality especially amongst the children.

Chembe Water Project Fundraising Objectives

Chembe water project would like to expand their existing infrastructure by fundraising for two water tanks using the Cape Maclear triathlon as a platfrm.

FundraisingTarget: $1,000 for 2 water Tanks


Help Malawi

HELP’s mission is to develop the pathway for children living in rural regions of Africa to become integral members and leaders in society through quality education. HELP is committed to cultivating the academic potential of each child through a comprehensive range of opportunities in primary school to prepare students for the next level of education, and to support those efforts through secondary school scholarships.

Help Malawi Fundraising Objectives

is to provide our students with secondary school scholarships. A year of school per student is $300; so a 4year scholarship is $1,200.

FundraisingTarget: The Goal is to raise funds for 4 students to complete their education $4,800.


Kasungu elephant’s foundation

The Kasungu Elephants Foundation contributes to the protection and conservation of animals and vegetation in Kasungu National Park, Malawi. Our main commitment lies within the protection of the remaining African elephants in the national park. Poaching and ivory trade are a serious threat for the survival of the elephants in Kasungu National Park. If this negative trend continues, the elephant’s fate will be the same as that of the rhinos and vultures, which have already become extinct in Kasungu National Park.

Our aim is to realize our goal by concentrating on the following three main issues:

  • Elephant research
  • Anti-poaching
  • Nature conservation activities for children
Kasungu elephant’s fundraising Objectives

is to raise enough money toupgrade its radio communication system. This update radio system will indeed help fighting poaching and insure safety of our scouts during their work. This includes new radios for camps, car radios, new portable radios for patrols and a service done by pitroniccompany.

Fundraising Target: to raise approximately $4,000


Tilinanu Lilongwe African Orphanage

Established in 2009 by Alice and Nina Pulford, Tilinanu Orphanage is the heart and soul of love support and Unite foundations’ continuing work in Malawi. Tilinanu educates, house and supports up to 34 Malawian girls at any given time. Entirely funded through individual sponsorship and fundraising. It remains to this day 100% non-profit with the intention to remain that way forever. Not a penny of the donations are spent on a postage stamp, air flight or any other outside expenditures. No overheads, no hidden costs, it really is that simple.

Tilinanu Lilongwe African Orphanage Fundraising Objective

Would like to raise money for the Teach to Teach program

Fundraising Target: $12,300


Child Legacy

Our mission is to build sustainable communities in Africa, where hope thrives and legacies of opportunity are created, breaking the generational cycle of poverty. Guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we provide a future of opportunity for the people of Africa by facilitating access to clean water, proper nutrition, medical care, education and training. By empowering individuals and families with the vital resources they need, they are able to make a lasting impact in their communities and change the nation as a whole.

Child Legacy Fundraising Objectives

To raise funds to purchase maternity beds for the new state of the art maternity wing. Each bed cost approximately $400 a piece.

Fundraising Targets: $10,000 (25 beds)