In a Nutshell

The Mizu foundation (meaning roots in Chichewa) was created by Malawian entrepreneurs whom envisaged crafting a non-profit organization that empowers and educates future Malawian ‘socially and environmentally considerate entrepreneurs’ from all walks of life. The organization intends to raise funds through events management and invest its profits into credible charities and sustainable grass roots initiatives that meet its stringent criteria.

The annual Cape Maclear Triathlon was created as a platform to promote, support and donate to other worthwhile and credible initiatives. This event offers an innovate way of crowd funding, promoting tourism and local entrepreneurship; whilst creating a fun venue to get healthy and make a difference in a sustainable way that doesn’t rely heavily on constant donations. We require your help in promoting, fundraising and most of all participating in this great event. Please join in, ‘making a difference has never been so much fun’.